Required Records and Enrollment Forms

The following documents must be provided to enroll a child in Christian County Public Schools.

  • An official birth certificate from the Vital Statistics Office of the state where the child was born or other reliable proof of student's identity and age with an affidavit explaining the inability to show copy of birth certificate.  (No hospital copies will be accepted)
  • An up-to-date Immunization Certificate.
  • A second MMR, complete Hepatitis B series, and a chicken pox vaccination.
  • *A physical examination that is on a Kentucky form.
  • *An eye examination by an eye doctor (ophthalmologist or optometrist) for any student entering a public school for the first time ages 3-6.
  • A social security card or a copy of a social security card (optional).

*These forms must be on a Kentucky State Form

Proof of Residence

Parents/guardians need 3 documents for proof of residence.  (See below):1 item from Section A and 2 items from Section B

A: A copy of current lease, deed or tax bill
B: A copy of current KY driver license, documented government assistance, current electric, water, cable, cell phone bill and/or auto insurance statement


*A notarized letter from the person they are living with stating that the parent and child live there and notarized confirmation from the parent(s) that they, in fact, live with such person.

*Three (3) Proofs of address from the person who owns the residence to establish that they live in the school zone. Must be from the list above.

*Two (2) Proofs of address from the parent to verify that they live at the address.

For additional information, please call the school at (270) 887-7290.

You can find out which school your child will attend for the upcoming school year by using the School Site Locator found on the district's website: