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Welcome to our Library!

Students come to the library to check out books once per week, during their specials time. Check-outs are limited per grade level as follows:

  • Kindergarten through 1st grade, one picture book
  • 2nd grade, one or two picture books, OR one picture book and one on-level chapter book
  • 3-6, one picture book and one chapter or non-fiction book OR two chapter or non-fiction books

There will be times when students will not be able to check out books due to scheduling conflicts, time constraints, assemblies, no school for holidays, snow days,  etc.  When these occasions arise, the books will be renewed until the next week.  Otherwise, students are responsible for timely return or renewal of books. Check-outs will be limited or halted until books are returned or paid in full.

We are very fortunate to have such a beautiful, new library at our school. We ask that students not eat, drink, or chew gum in the library.

Five Rules for Book Care

  1. Keep books in a safe, dry place.
  2. Keep books away from pets and babies.
  3. Keep books away from food and drinks.
  4. Do not write or draw in books.
  5. Use a bookmark to save your place.

There will be no book check-out on Fridays, as this is Passport Club/Global Studies Day.  Kindergarten and first grades will be learning basic beginning Spanish words. Second through Sixth grades will learn about other world cultures, in addition to basic beginning Spanish.

Remember the Five Finger Rule when choosing a "just right" book and the IPICK song!

The ten best ways to become a better reader are:
Read, Read, Read, Read, Read, Read, Read, Read, Read, and Read!