Welcome to Pembroke Elementary!

Pembroke Elementary is located in southern Christian County just south of Pembroke on Highway 115. While located in a rural community, Pembroke Elementary has a widely diverse student population. Some of our students come from the city of Pembroke and the surrounding farming community. The remainder of the student population comes from nearby Oak Grove. Our proximity to the Fort Campbell military base means we have the privilege to educate a large number of students whose parents are serving our country.


Transportation changes will not be taken over the phone. You must send a note with your child to school (preferred way), or send an email to: pembrokeowls18@gmail.com before 1:30 pm.

Doors open at 6:50. Student's need to be in their seat and ready to begin school by the bell at 7:20 or they will be tardy. Student's must be checked in by an adult when arriving after 7:15.

When checking out a student, you MUST SHOW ID. Anyone checking out a student must be listed on that student's emergency check out list.

If your child has been absent, please send a parent/doctor note to school within five days of the absence, or email kerri.vanderkolk2@christian.kyschools.us      *Excuses have to be in writing.* They will not be accepted over the phone or by word of mouth in person.                                                                                                                                                                                   *If a note is turned in after the 5th day, the absence will not be excused. Please click on the Attendance Policy located at the top of the page for more information about attendance.


Below is a video with important attendance information. It is very important that your child be in school. Each student only has 6 days of parent notes and 10 days of doctor notes. After the 10 days of doctor notes, there is additional paperwork that must be completed by your child's doctor.


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2023-2024 School Calendar

ONLINE REGISTRATION (OLR) IS NOW OPEN FOR THE 2023-2024 SCHOOL YEAR! Visit: www.christian.kyschools.us/onlineregistration if you are new to the district, or for returning students, log into your Infinite Campus Parent Portal to complete your child's registration for the 2023-2024 school year. 

After completing the online registration, you must provide three (3) proofs of residency to the school.


Proofs can be emailed to: pembrokeowls18@gmail.com (make sure you have your child(ren)s name and grade listed in the email. We also have a drop box by the front door that you can leave a copy of your proofs.


               ONE (1) OF THE FOLLOWING MUST BE:

*A current rental or lease agreement (showing name and address)

*A copy of the deed on the property you own

*Homestead Exemption Card

*Home Purchase Contract in Christian County with specified closing date, with a copy of the deed to be provided within sixty days of closing date.

                AND  TWO (2) OF THE FOLLOWING:

*A current electric bill (must show name and address) *Cannot be a termination notice*

*A current water bill (must show name and address) *Cannot be a termination notice*

*A current cable bill, landline phone bill, or auto insurance (must show name and address) *Cannot be a termination notice*

*A current KY Drivers License



*A notarized letter from the person they are living with stating that the parent and child live there and notarized confirmation from the parent(s) that they, in fact, live with such person.

*Three (3) Proofs of address from the person who owns the residence to establish that they live in the school zone. Must be from the list above.

*Two (2) Proofs of address from the parent to verify that they live at the address.



CCPS Registration Requirements

Parents of a student entering preschool/ kindergarten, sixth grade, or transferring into the Christian County Public School System for the 2023-24 school year, must comply with the needed documentation and requirements of Kentucky State Regulations. These requirements are strictly enforced.

Each student enrolling must present the following:

  • Certified Birth Certificate from the Vital Statistics Office of the state where the child was born; or other reliable proof of the student’s identity and age and an affidavit of the inability to produce a copy of the birth certificate.
  • Student’s Social Security Card or copy of the card (optional)
  • Kentucky Eye Exam by ophthalmologist or optometrist-not an eye screening (for initial entry into a Kentucky School ages 3-6)
  • Dental screening or examination (for initial entry into a Kentucky School ages 5-6)
  • An up-to-date Immunization Certificate on a Kentucky form
  • A second MMR, complete Hepatitis B series, and a chicken pox vaccination
  • Copy of a recent Preventative Health Care Examination form

Students who are enrolling in public school for the first time must provide proof of an eye examination – not an eye screening – conducted by an optometrist or ophthalmologist prior to the first day of school. All students must have on file an up-to-date immunization certificate. All transfer students must present a completed medical examination form and a Kentucky immunization certificate. Parents/guardians of transfer students should sign a release form in order for the school district to obtain records from the school previously attended.

Those students entering the sixth grade must have a second varicella, TdaP, meningitis shot, as well as a recent physical examination. Students enrolled or enrolling in the Christian County School System must comply with all Kentucky health laws, rules and regulations except as provided in KRS 214:036.

Kindergarten students must present these items on registration day: a current Kentucky immunization certificate, a copy of the birth certificate or other reliable proof of the student's identity, a copy of the Social Security card (optional), proof of an eye examination – not an eye screening – conducted by an optometrist or ophthalmologist, and proof of physical examination on a form provided by the Kentucky Department of Education. A student must be 5 years of age by August 1 of the school year before entering Kindergarten.

Kentucky law KRS 156.160(l) requires proof of a dental screening or examination by a dentist, dental hygienist, physician, registered nurse, advanced registered nurse practitioner, or physician assistant. This evidence must be presented to the school no later than Jan. 1 of the first year a 5- or 6-year-old child is enrolled in public school.

Parents should call immediately to schedule an appointment with their family physician or the Christian County Health Department, as state regulations and local policy mandate strict enforcement of these requirements. The Christian County Health Department is located in Hopkinsville at 1700 Canton Street and can be reached by phoning (270) 887-4160.


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Lunch with Students: Parents/Guardians may come eat lunch at school with your child

  • Please call ahead so that we are expecting you and we are not overcrowded. There will be limited availability each day. We can NOT guarantee entry if you have not called before arriving. School number: 270-887-7290
  • The person coming to eat lunch with the student must be someone on the student's emergency contact list or we have to have a note in writing from the parent giving us permission. We WILL ask for ID in order to sign in. So please make sure you have ID with you when you arrive at the front office. No ID, no entrance.
  • Seating will be separate from all other students and only YOUR child may eat with you during their designated lunch time.
  • Students eating with their parents must sit in the designated area and must follow the posted guidelines.
  • Students eating with their parents must follow the regular lunch schedule. Students will not be allowed to eat early or extend their lunch period because a parent is eating with them. When the student's class lines up to leave, it is expected that the student joins the line and exits with his/her class.
  • Parents are NOT allowed to follow their child to class after lunch.
  • Due to privacy concerns, personally owned recording devices (cell phones, tablets) are not to be used to create video or audio recording or to take pictures except with prior permission from the Principal and the affected individual(s).
  • Fast food is not to be brought into the cafeteria (Competitive Food Rule: 702:KAR6.090)
  • Soft drinks are not allowed in the cafeteria.
  • Food and drinks are not allowed to be taken out of the cafeteria.

Adult Lunch Cost = $4.60

*Access could change as the pandemic is monitored. We appreciate your understanding.